Learn how you can make a framework that can run on both simulator and devices

Before XCFramework, it was officially impossible to build a framework that would contain code aiming on both real iOS devices and the Simulator. But with apple announcement of XCFramework in WWDC 2019, we can now make a single framework that can bundle up any framework with flavours for any platform or device that Xcode supports. Everything in one single place, with one single item to distribute only.

We will go through few steps to make a XCFramework.

Create New Framework from Xcode

Open your Xcode…

Written a great cocoapod, but want to hide its source code from the users? You are in the right place. No further delays, let’s get started.

Open up Xcode and choose `framework` from iOS tab.

If you are editing an image and you want to blur only specific part of image wether it is the sensitive info or the unwanted info, this article will help you to achieve this goal. After reading this article, you ll be able to draw a blur shape rectangle using UIPanGestureRecognizer.

If you ever stumble upon an idea that you might want to make into a library, and share it with the world via CocoaPods, this post will guide you to do so. We’ll go through series of steps to accomplish our goal. These steps will be quick, straight-forward, and easy to understand. So let’s get started!

Step: 1

Create a folder on your mac where you want to place your cocoaPod. Then open up terminal and locate to that folder directory. Let’s name that folder ‘ABCircularButton’.

Step: 2

In terminal, run command:

pod lib create ABCircularButton’

You can put any…

Say you are building an iOS application, and there is a UIComponent that is being used in almost every screen. Will you act as a noob programmer, and write code for that component in every screen? Definitely not! Being a good programmer, we want to minimise our code, with maximising the output.

Component based programming can play a vital role in achieving this goal. You observe a UI Element that is being used repeatedly, you write code for that element only ONCE, in a way that you can reuse the code easily and efficiently.

Let’s say we have a button…

Online status circle view

To build the online status view circle in swift programatically, we’ll go through following steps:

1: Create an ImageView that will contain the main image.

2: Create a dummyView exactly above the imageView which will take small circle as a subview.

3: Finally create small circle view and align it in such a way that it gets in the exact position as above.

Step 1 :

First create a UIImageView, which will hold the profile picture.

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